Tuesday 8 October 2019

Max Aarons

When Norwich City managed to win hearts and minds in 2018-19, a large part of it came from their rambunctious style. They don’t hold back, and are rather cavalier to the point where they would win plenty of high-scoring games by a single goal. A big part of their exciting nature is their aggressive full-backs, and young Max Aarons is a fine example of that ambitious style.

What makes him so special?

There isn’t much that could be said about Aarons that stands out – and that is part of his magic. At just 19, he plays like a senior professional. You wouldn’t say that his passing was any better than his defensive prowess, for example. Nor would you say that his dribbling is any worse than his ability to constantly win tackles – tackles won often without going to ground.

The strongest part of his game is his dribbling, but his main specialty is his well-rounded nature. For a 19-year-old full-back, he shows immense variety in his game. For Aarons, the main thing that stands out is the fact he can do so much for one so young; his versatility in playing style makes him an excellent player to watch.

Strong and with plenty of energy but without the propensity to lose the ball, Aarons is a rare talent.

Any concerns or doubts?

The main thing he suffers from is being bullied at the posts when defending aerial passes. However, what can be done about that? At 19, he could still take a growth spurt. Given many full-backs are aerially weak, too, this should not be something that limits his career progress.

Should he become a bit more consistent with his cross selection and timing, Aarons will become a better defender by proxy of being able to better judge balls. Given the issue is more down to height and experience, though, there’s relatively little to be worried about with Aarons. The potential is easily there to go to the peak of the Premier League.